Friday, July 31, 2009

College Bound

In June we celebrated my daughter Samantha's high school graduation. Party, presents, friends and family. A milestone in Sam's life, a turning point in mine. My little girl had grown up. We teased about her leaving ..counting down the days till that great day when she'd be moving out...we joked about how we'd change her room into a media center, a crafts room, maybe a reading room... Well, tomorrow the girls an I (Sam and my youngest Caroline) ht the road for one last vacation together. We're headed for the roller coasters of Busch Gardens in Tampa...a mommy-daughters weekend that I'll savor, because when we return, we pack the truck and head to Gainesville. Sam's moving into her new apartment for college! I thought I'd be thrilled to see her finally on her own and now I'm dreading it...I'm already crying about her absence...I'm afraid she'll get hurt, party too much, flunk out etc...everything that I think could go wrong has already happened in my mind. But most importantly, the hole in my heart is already growing. What will I do with out her smiling face? Her incredible wit and personality? Her laugh, her tantrums, her everything? Will she miss me as much? Will she survive without me? ...Oh, before you freak..I know she'll survive, but will I? I guess this is another character builder...I'll have a lot of character when this is all over. I know every mother endures this and I will too...does it get any easier? I guess I'll be spending lots of time in Gator Land...Sam watch out..get that spare couch's coming to spend the weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Greatest Shoes!

If you have little kids, you must check out these shoes that about to take the country by storm....they're characters with names, backgrounds and more. You can get all the details on the website.....or wait until August when they start showing up in stores! I like the pink Weboo myself...too bad the shoes aren't made for adults!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry and the Half Blood Prince me a geek! I love the Harry Potter series. I have read every book at least 3-times...I've seen every movie at least twice, including the Half-Blood Prince, and I can sit for hours talking about the dynamics of the series. Weird? Maybe, but it makes me I said, I'm a Harry geek. So with that knowledge, let me share my thoughts on the latest installment., not my thoughts on the movie itself, but on the characters....Harry, Hermione and Ron were great as usual...but my prediction....Luna Lovegood will be the breakout star when the Harry Potter series comes to an end (2 more films to go!) Although Luna only makes a few short appearances in the latest film, she steals the show...she plays the lovable, ditzy character to a tee. Watch for her....and the other actor to watch for, I believe in the next big horror film: The young Voldemort. He's played by Ralph Feines' nephew....he's a creepy, young man with a bright future for horror....Check these two out in the latest film and see if you agree......