Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farmville...just like crack

About 1-week ago, Danny asked me to try out Farmville as an experiment for the Jennifer and Danny Show. I figured I'd give it up for the team and embark on , what I thought at the time, was a ridiculous game. Today, I'm a Farmville addict. What started as a simple experiment has turned into an all consuming "fight till the death" farming competition. I spend each waking moment competing with my other Farmville friends trying to make my farm the biggest and baddest one! In a week, I have jumped to level 12, which I have heard is pretty impressive. It also helps that you have no life to play this game!

So why is this game so addictive? I guess you need to start with a competitive that's driven to win. That would be me...I hate to lose! Add to that a little obsessive-compulsive behavior, nerves, a short attention span and the need to constantly be busy..and Farmville creates the perfect setting for an addict!

Yes, I admit it..I'm addicted to Farmville....I obsess over finding that lost sheep or cow, building a bigger homestead, planting another hundred acres, harvesting my crops, chasing the crows away, pulling weeds, adding more animals, cultivating the best (and most expensive) crops, building more fences, acquiring more farming equipment, gaining another ribbon, adding more and more Farmville neighbors...all in that attempt to gain more cash, Farmville dollars and a bigger farm. I now have my sights set on plantation level! So if you're reading this...send me a gift, add me as a neighbor and please visit my farm.....I need that plantation!!! Help, like I said...I'm out of control!

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years ago.....

Today marks the 8th-anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America...commercial planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington and a field in Pennsylvania. The attached video says it all...Never forget!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen's headed to Idol!

I'm thrilled...Ellen DeGeneres is dancing her way onto "American Idol," replacing Paula Abdul as the show's 4th-judge. Ellen will join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi for the 9th-season in January. Don't panic, she'll still host her tv talk show...But as usual I suspect there's a financial reason for recent years, Idol's ratings and viewership have dropped, not significantly, but enough to worry producers. So what better way to boost ratings and viewership than to bring in the ever lovable Ellen? Kids love her as the voice of Dori from "Finding Nemo," women love her, gays love her..everyone loves Ellen...I'm sure Idol producers are hoping all of Ellen's worshippers will follow her to Idol, thus increasing viewership, ratings and ultimately, the bottom financial line... I will be one of those followers and start watching "Idol" once again....will you be joining me?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is She a He?

As a mother of 2-beautiful daughters,it pains me to see the circus surrounding the South African female runner, who's undergoing gender testing. Apparently, a female isn't suppose to run as fast as Caster Semenya runs. Her father has come out to say he knows for a fact that his daughter is all woman! But others are questioning whether Caster is really a man posing as a woman..or maybe she has too much testosterone in her system.... So now the World Athletic Association is running a gamut of tests on Caster to find out if she really is a female! The results are expected to take months. But in the meantime, a South African magazine has given Caster a complete make-over and featured her on the cover. Now, take a look at the results of that make-over:

I think the magazine has proven that Caster really is all woman!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Doctor Oz is in the house!

Another of Oprah's disciples is headed for his own tv studio! "The Dr. Oz Show," starring the heart surgeon and health evangelist, debuts on Sept. 14. It's perhaps the most eagerly anticipated syndicated talk show since another Oprah Winfrey associate, Dr. Phil McGraw. (never understood how he became famous!)

And apparently Dr. Oz is already getting a few people healthier...his staff! Dr. Oz has banned all junk food backstage at his new talk show. Staffers snack on whole grain breads, natural peanut butter, fruits and a matter of fact, Oz has been secretly monitoring the food brought in to Jimmy Fallon's studio down the hall. Can't wait for that episode to air!

Oz has a sleek new studio at New York's 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the same room where Conan O'Brien worked before heading West. Its most fearsome element is the "truth tube," a platform that can display a person's weight, body fat and other health indicators, much like "The Biggest Loser" scale.

He expects few celebrity guests, and no Winfrey visit is on the schedule. The show will typically open with a health "hot topic" like swine flu or immunization, and will end with audience questions. In between, Oz will try different ways to make health advice personal, recognizing that lectures don't work as well as stories viewers can relate to.

Dr Oz will continue to perform surgery one day a week.

Monday, August 31, 2009

My main man is leaving me!

I'm crushed. George could have me, but apparently he thinks these young models are a better choice....go figure?

George Clooney's relationship with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is heating up. He's reportedly asked her to move to Los Angeles with him. The Ocean's Eleven actor was married to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993 but famously vowed never to wed again. He has been dating Italian MTV presenter Canalis since July and the pair has reportedly become inseparable. Canalis has already spent time at the star's Lake Como property in Italy, and now Clooney is said to want the model to relocate to his main base in California. A source says "George has really fallen for Eli and wants her back with him in L.A. on a permanent basis. It's obviously a big step, particularly as George has been such a free spirit for so long. But it seems she really could be the one for him. Whether she goes along with the idea remains to be seen."

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been told that God never deals you anything that you can't handle.... and that challenging situations build character and make you stronger. In recent weeks, I have faced some of the most difficult challenges of my life....Each day I wonder where I'll get the strength to continue, but then somehow, some way I manage to wake up and face the day. When these latest challenges have been conquered, then I'm sure to be a person with awesome character! I find tremendous strenth in my 2 greatest assets. Wish me luck!