Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Britain's Got Talent ..Far Better Than American Idol

I really haven't been able to wrap my arms around American Idol this year. Being the skeptic I am, I think it's already been determined that Adam Lambert, the "Daughtry Wannabe," will walk away the winner. I find this year's contestants aren't as lovable as ones in the past and apparently, I am not alone. Millions of Americans seem to be more interested in the talent coming out of Britain's Got Talent. We first met, Susan Boyle, the dowdy, unemployed charity worker won every one's hearts with her spectacular rendition of a song from Les Miserables. (Now the producers behind the show are transforming Susan!...see above!) Then 12-year old Shaheen Jafargholi wowed us with his Michael Jackson impression. Now meet 10-year old Holly Steel!! Enjoy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Special Moments

Every now and then we all reflect on how life has passed by in a flash....like,"I can't believe your son is already 3-years old..where has the time gone?" As a mother, I have these frequent moments. Watching your children develop from infants to young adults sometimes seems like an eternity (especially the teenage years!), until there's a milestone...special birthday, wedding, anniversary etc... Case in point: my youngest, Caroline, recently attended her first formal affair, a friend's Bar Mitzvah. She needed a special dress, shoes, bag...the whole works. A few weeks before the event, we shopped all day searching for that perfect outfit....which wasn't easy...(a 13-year old hates shopping with her mother...she may be seen in public by a school friend! That apparently is the kiss of death to a young teenager.) At last we found the perfect dress..something elegant, yet conservative. After all, it was a religious affair, not a nightclub event. We brought it home, carefully hanging it in Caroline;s closet for the big day. And that special outfit slipped my mind until the date of the Bar Mitzvah...While she was primping in her room for her big day, I realized then that my little girl wasn't so little anymore.... she had grown into a beautiful young lady...worried about boys, make-up, what kind of jeans and shoes to wear..is my hair okay...etc, etc.. What happened to that skin-kneed, curly haired, tom boy who always brought home a frog, lizard, toad or some other crawly thing in her pocket? The little girl who climbed every thing in site, jumped in every puddle and found dirt in the rarest of place? I remembered when you were just a baby, your first words, your first steps...your first day of school. Now, here you are, a teenager, getting ready for a special occasion....When she walked out of her room, I almost cried. It was a moment that will stay with me till the day I die. She looked beautiful and so grown up! I was so proud. My baby wasn't so little anymore...where has the time gone?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Petey's Staying

A few weeks ago I told you about an opossum who had showed up one night on my back porch counter. My daughters woke me up at midnight to show me the newest creature attempting to call our home, his!! My oldest thought the opossum was disgusting, my youngest wanted to take him in her bedroom (guess which daughter is like me?) Well, now Petey has become a regular at our home. Each night we wait for his arrival...and true to form, Petey shows up around 9pm looking for that free meal. If his bowl is empty, he'll just sit patiently and wait for me to come to his rescue..and yes, he plays opossum when he's afraid! I guess we have adopted this ugly, yet loving creature. We're all working on getting Petey to be a little less afraid. Right now I can touch him without him freaking out....who knows, by next week..he may be sleeping in my daughter's bed!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle Competition

Last week on Britain's Got Talent , it was Susan Boyle. This week: Shaheen Jafargholi ..this 12-year old could be a throw-back to Motown!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle

This week, the world was introduced to Susan Boyle. A frumpy, never-been-kissed, 47-year old Scottish woman who happened to steal the hearts of everyone on Britain's Got Talent. She's an unemployed charity worker who lives with her cat, Pebbles. Now she's the biggest thing on the Internet. In just about 2-days, the You Tube video of her performance on the show was visited by more than 15-million! The woman has an incredible voice. Many are saying she's a plant for the show..that's it's fixed. I say, who cares? Susan Boyle has made all of us realize that everyone has a shot in this world....Yes, don't judge a book by its cover is the line many are using when talking about Susan Boyle....I say she gives hope to the older woman of the world who think their lives are over...who think that change can't come in one's future so late in life...Reportedly, Simon Cowell is in the process of signing Susan to a record deal and an album should be out in the future. One of the other judges on the show wants to take Miss Boyle out on an elegant date!! Susan's life has changed overnight..I say...good for Susan.....prove all the naysayers wrong....I'm on your side...no matter what others think.... And for those who think she's a flash in the pan and it was all a set-up....here she is singing the blues...this was recorded in 1999!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unique Car Buying Experience

We have all had a bad car buying experience..BUT, I doubt any of us have had this kind of experience!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Female William Hung

Remember William Hung from an earlier American Idol? America loved to make fun of him...but in the end, he got the last laugh. He survived far longer on the show than anyone ever expected and then he turned his new found fame into a number of albums. Now I want you to meet Susan Boyle. She is a contestant on Britain's version of American Idol. When she walks on stage, the audience and judges start to laugh. Her appearance makes you think the performance is going to be horrible. The audience and judges are all anticipating worst...until Susan opens her mouth and sings....Check this out, it'll brighten up your day:

Crazy Woman

I always wonder what prompts people to do crazy things! Case in point..this woman believes she can swim with the polar bears during their feeding time! Fortunately, she did not end up being the entree...yes, she survived!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Osbournes

My husband, Tim, flies for American Airlines. This month he's flying between Miami and LA...which usually means a host of celebrity sightings. The last famous people on his plane were Sandra Bullock and Jesse James and then he shuttled Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. This latest trip he ran into the Osbournes: Ozzy, Sharon Kelly. Jack was absent this trip. Tim usually doesn't bother the celebrities, but I guess this time he felt compelled to say hello to Ozzy...can you blame him? So Ozzy accommodated his wish and had a picture taken with Tim....notice the smile on my husband's face....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vicarious Life

They say you live your life vicariously through your children's lives....I never thought I would agree with that statement, but as my children get older and more accomplished, I'm starting to be that "vicarious" mother! Case in point, my oldest daughter, Samantha, can sing, dance and perform. I always wanted to be able to carry a tune, star in a play or dance my heart out at a club. But, I never had the talent to do any of the aforementioned, but my daughter..she's a pro! So I enjoy watching her perform in musicals and beaming with pride over her accomplishments... My youngest, Caroline, competes in horse shows. She's been able to master levels that I only dreamed of as a child and as an adult! This weekend, she mastered jumping 3-feet on her pony in the jumper division in Wellington. She took home five 1st place ribbons and one 2nd place.....and Grand Champion for her division. I was being with pride...To make the winning even sweeter..she competes on a pony against horses twice as large as her little "Big Bucks.! Who says the small aren't mighty? Here's a few shots of Caroline and Big Bucks in action....See why I'm so proud!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new Visitor

Okay, call me crazy..but I think our newest visitor at our home is so ugly, he's cute. Meet, Petey the opossum! My girls woke me up screaming the other night after finding Petey perched on the outside counter, enjoying the cat's food! Samantha and Caroline managed to snap this picture of the marsupial...his teeth are ridiculously sharp and long. Caroline, my youngest, wants to domesticate Petey and bring him inside to enjoy the comforts of tv and air conditioning. Sam wants to take him for a very long ride. Tim, my husband, loaded the gun when he saw him...me, I've decided to move the cat food. Sorry Petey!