Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farmville...just like crack

About 1-week ago, Danny asked me to try out Farmville as an experiment for the Jennifer and Danny Show. I figured I'd give it up for the team and embark on , what I thought at the time, was a ridiculous game. Today, I'm a Farmville addict. What started as a simple experiment has turned into an all consuming "fight till the death" farming competition. I spend each waking moment competing with my other Farmville friends trying to make my farm the biggest and baddest one! In a week, I have jumped to level 12, which I have heard is pretty impressive. It also helps that you have no life to play this game!

So why is this game so addictive? I guess you need to start with a competitive that's driven to win. That would be me...I hate to lose! Add to that a little obsessive-compulsive behavior, nerves, a short attention span and the need to constantly be busy..and Farmville creates the perfect setting for an addict!

Yes, I admit it..I'm addicted to Farmville....I obsess over finding that lost sheep or cow, building a bigger homestead, planting another hundred acres, harvesting my crops, chasing the crows away, pulling weeds, adding more animals, cultivating the best (and most expensive) crops, building more fences, acquiring more farming equipment, gaining another ribbon, adding more and more Farmville neighbors...all in that attempt to gain more cash, Farmville dollars and a bigger farm. I now have my sights set on plantation level! So if you're reading this...send me a gift, add me as a neighbor and please visit my farm.....I need that plantation!!! Help, like I said...I'm out of control!

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 years ago.....

Today marks the 8th-anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America...commercial planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington and a field in Pennsylvania. The attached video says it all...Never forget!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen's headed to Idol!

I'm thrilled...Ellen DeGeneres is dancing her way onto "American Idol," replacing Paula Abdul as the show's 4th-judge. Ellen will join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi for the 9th-season in January. Don't panic, she'll still host her tv talk show...But as usual I suspect there's a financial reason for recent years, Idol's ratings and viewership have dropped, not significantly, but enough to worry producers. So what better way to boost ratings and viewership than to bring in the ever lovable Ellen? Kids love her as the voice of Dori from "Finding Nemo," women love her, gays love her..everyone loves Ellen...I'm sure Idol producers are hoping all of Ellen's worshippers will follow her to Idol, thus increasing viewership, ratings and ultimately, the bottom financial line... I will be one of those followers and start watching "Idol" once again....will you be joining me?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is She a He?

As a mother of 2-beautiful daughters,it pains me to see the circus surrounding the South African female runner, who's undergoing gender testing. Apparently, a female isn't suppose to run as fast as Caster Semenya runs. Her father has come out to say he knows for a fact that his daughter is all woman! But others are questioning whether Caster is really a man posing as a woman..or maybe she has too much testosterone in her system.... So now the World Athletic Association is running a gamut of tests on Caster to find out if she really is a female! The results are expected to take months. But in the meantime, a South African magazine has given Caster a complete make-over and featured her on the cover. Now, take a look at the results of that make-over:

I think the magazine has proven that Caster really is all woman!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Doctor Oz is in the house!

Another of Oprah's disciples is headed for his own tv studio! "The Dr. Oz Show," starring the heart surgeon and health evangelist, debuts on Sept. 14. It's perhaps the most eagerly anticipated syndicated talk show since another Oprah Winfrey associate, Dr. Phil McGraw. (never understood how he became famous!)

And apparently Dr. Oz is already getting a few people healthier...his staff! Dr. Oz has banned all junk food backstage at his new talk show. Staffers snack on whole grain breads, natural peanut butter, fruits and a matter of fact, Oz has been secretly monitoring the food brought in to Jimmy Fallon's studio down the hall. Can't wait for that episode to air!

Oz has a sleek new studio at New York's 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the same room where Conan O'Brien worked before heading West. Its most fearsome element is the "truth tube," a platform that can display a person's weight, body fat and other health indicators, much like "The Biggest Loser" scale.

He expects few celebrity guests, and no Winfrey visit is on the schedule. The show will typically open with a health "hot topic" like swine flu or immunization, and will end with audience questions. In between, Oz will try different ways to make health advice personal, recognizing that lectures don't work as well as stories viewers can relate to.

Dr Oz will continue to perform surgery one day a week.

Monday, August 31, 2009

My main man is leaving me!

I'm crushed. George could have me, but apparently he thinks these young models are a better choice....go figure?

George Clooney's relationship with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is heating up. He's reportedly asked her to move to Los Angeles with him. The Ocean's Eleven actor was married to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993 but famously vowed never to wed again. He has been dating Italian MTV presenter Canalis since July and the pair has reportedly become inseparable. Canalis has already spent time at the star's Lake Como property in Italy, and now Clooney is said to want the model to relocate to his main base in California. A source says "George has really fallen for Eli and wants her back with him in L.A. on a permanent basis. It's obviously a big step, particularly as George has been such a free spirit for so long. But it seems she really could be the one for him. Whether she goes along with the idea remains to be seen."

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been told that God never deals you anything that you can't handle.... and that challenging situations build character and make you stronger. In recent weeks, I have faced some of the most difficult challenges of my life....Each day I wonder where I'll get the strength to continue, but then somehow, some way I manage to wake up and face the day. When these latest challenges have been conquered, then I'm sure to be a person with awesome character! I find tremendous strenth in my 2 greatest assets. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

College Bound

It's been a week since I dropped my oldest, Samantha off at college. The emptiness still remains, but I'm told it'll ease with time. The drive to Gainesville was shorter than I had anticipated...3-1/2 hours door to door. Sam followed me in her car, while I drove the pick-up loaded with all her worldly possessions. We talked a few times via cell, but otherwise, the trip was made in silence..a time to reminisce about the 18-past years. The day she was born, her first day of school, her first injury, her first get the idea. The proverbial, "where did the years go" struck home.

Then it hit me, "Would she survive without me?" Who'll offer the gentle nudge when she's stalling on a task, who'll cook her meals, who'll take care of her if she gets sick.....I knew I needed to let it go and let the course of the events play out. It would be the only way she'd learn the hardships of the world, the mundane chores one is faced with each and every day, the difficult decisions we're all faced with.... I could only hope that she'd take some of the wisdom and knowledge I had bestowed on her and use it wisely.

After we organized her apartment, which I can say is nothing like mine was in college (granite counter tops, hardwood floors, top of the line appliances..tough life for today's college students!) and we toured the duties were complete. After 2-days of unpacking, arranging, washing, ironing, shopping and was time for me to head back home...without my little girl... a moment I was regretting....

The tears started 10-minutes before I actually did the deed of saying goodbye. An eerie quietness enveloped the apartment..neither of us looking forward to the goodbye...but then I ran out of little, last minute things to do and I turned and looked at my beautiful daughter, She was a woman now...a person about to embark on the best years of her life..a woman filled with hope and determination to make her life the best it can be..a woman who will some day fulfill all her dreams and desires...a woman ready to conquer the world.

As I turned to say goodbye, the flood started...the tears and sobbing uncontrollable....not me, but Samantha! But her waterworks were contagious....almost instantly, I was crying harder than I have in years...we clung to one another as if wishing it would make time stand still and we'd stay together forever...but reality set was time for me to let go and say goodbye...let my little girl spread her wings and start her new life as an adult on her own...

I rushed to the truck, assuming the faster I left, the easier it would be...I was wrong. I cried for at least an hour and then periodically for the entire ride home. But as the miles passed I started to accept the new living more Sam running around the house panicked about where her cell phone more random teenage friends found on the couch or in the guest more empty refrigerator! Maybe life without Sam at home would have its advantages!

As I stated at the's been a week since Samantha left home...She calls me at least 3 times a day to tell me about the latest adventures of college life.....for me's very quiet around the house, no gang of teenagers chatting loudly in the family room or playing raucously in the pool, no more wet footprints on the floor from wet pool bodies walking through the house, and yes, my ice cream container remains untouched in the freezer! I can enjoy a moment of solitude without being interrupted by the latest teen drama and I know the $10 I have in my wallet will be there in a few hours....maybe Sam's latest adventure is a blessing in disguise!

But reality youngest, Caroline is only 14 years old. I still have a few more years of teenage escapades to endure and all I can say is, "thank goodness for my children..they fulfill me."

Friday, July 31, 2009

College Bound

In June we celebrated my daughter Samantha's high school graduation. Party, presents, friends and family. A milestone in Sam's life, a turning point in mine. My little girl had grown up. We teased about her leaving ..counting down the days till that great day when she'd be moving out...we joked about how we'd change her room into a media center, a crafts room, maybe a reading room... Well, tomorrow the girls an I (Sam and my youngest Caroline) ht the road for one last vacation together. We're headed for the roller coasters of Busch Gardens in Tampa...a mommy-daughters weekend that I'll savor, because when we return, we pack the truck and head to Gainesville. Sam's moving into her new apartment for college! I thought I'd be thrilled to see her finally on her own and now I'm dreading it...I'm already crying about her absence...I'm afraid she'll get hurt, party too much, flunk out etc...everything that I think could go wrong has already happened in my mind. But most importantly, the hole in my heart is already growing. What will I do with out her smiling face? Her incredible wit and personality? Her laugh, her tantrums, her everything? Will she miss me as much? Will she survive without me? ...Oh, before you freak..I know she'll survive, but will I? I guess this is another character builder...I'll have a lot of character when this is all over. I know every mother endures this and I will too...does it get any easier? I guess I'll be spending lots of time in Gator Land...Sam watch out..get that spare couch's coming to spend the weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Greatest Shoes!

If you have little kids, you must check out these shoes that about to take the country by storm....they're characters with names, backgrounds and more. You can get all the details on the website.....or wait until August when they start showing up in stores! I like the pink Weboo myself...too bad the shoes aren't made for adults!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry and the Half Blood Prince me a geek! I love the Harry Potter series. I have read every book at least 3-times...I've seen every movie at least twice, including the Half-Blood Prince, and I can sit for hours talking about the dynamics of the series. Weird? Maybe, but it makes me I said, I'm a Harry geek. So with that knowledge, let me share my thoughts on the latest installment., not my thoughts on the movie itself, but on the characters....Harry, Hermione and Ron were great as usual...but my prediction....Luna Lovegood will be the breakout star when the Harry Potter series comes to an end (2 more films to go!) Although Luna only makes a few short appearances in the latest film, she steals the show...she plays the lovable, ditzy character to a tee. Watch for her....and the other actor to watch for, I believe in the next big horror film: The young Voldemort. He's played by Ralph Feines' nephew....he's a creepy, young man with a bright future for horror....Check these two out in the latest film and see if you agree......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King Of Pop is Gone

However controversial the events of his life have been, the passing of Michael Jackson has tremendously affected me. I remember watching him make his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show...a cute little kid with an incredible voice! I was captivated along with the rest of the world. When he was a boy, he was the precocious, spinning lead singer of the Jackson 5, the music group he formed with his 4-older brothers. Among their No. 1 hits were "I Want You Back," "ABC," and "I'll Be There."

He was perhaps the most exciting performer of my generation, known for his crotch-grabbing dance moves and his high-pitched voice punctuated with squeals and titters. His single sequined glove, tight, military-style jacket and aviator sunglasses were trademarks second only to his ever-changing, surgically altered appearance. How many performers can grab a sequined glove and hat and transform an audience, waiting in anticipation for that glide across the floor with his trademark moonwalk?

I think this article from the Associated Press best describes his tumultuous life:

"Jackson ranked alongside Elvis Presley and the Beatles as the biggest pop sensations of all time. In fact, he united two of music's biggest names when he was briefly married to Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie.

But as years went by, Jackson became an increasingly freakish figure — a middle-aged man-child weirdly out of touch with grown-up life. His skin became lighter, his nose narrower, and he spoke in a breathy, girlish voice. He surrounded himself with children at his Neverland ranch, often wore a germ mask while traveling and kept a pet chimpanzee named Bubbles as one of his closest companions.

In 2005, he was cleared of charges he molested a 13-year-old cancer survivor at Neverland in 2003. He had been accused of plying the boy with alcohol and groping him. The case took a fearsome toll on his career and image, and he fell into serious financial trouble.

Jackson was preparing for what was to be his greatest comeback: He was scheduled for an unprecedented 50 shows at a London arena, with the first set for July 13. He was in rehearsals in Los Angeles for the concert, an extravaganza that was to capture the classic Jackson magic: showstopping dance moves, elaborate staging and throbbing dance beats.

Regardless of the controversy around him, Michael Jackson has touched many through his music, dancing, ground-breaking videos and his life. He will always be remembered in the pop culture world and in mine....he will be missed.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Another milestone! My oldest, Samantha, graduated from South Fork High School in Martin County on Wednesday, June 3rd! (here she is with her little sister, my youngest, Caroline!) All my friends told me, "bring the tissues." I ignored them, figuring this is a celebration. I'm thrilled Sam's graduating, so why would I cry? I didn't think it would have such an emotional impact. Boy, was I wrong! I have to give myself credit...I made it through the ceremony, laughing, clapping for Samantha and all her friends. Then it all went to hell in a hand-basket when we met after the ceremony. I found myself crying like a school girl. Every thought raced through my head...she's an adult now, off to college soon. Will she be successful? Have I taught her enough to handle the cruelties life has to offer? How will she handle college and being on her own? Will she eat right, get enough sleep, stay away from the "bums" of the world? I finally realized she has to make her own decisions now...find the answers for herself...stumble and make mistakes and learn from those mistakes...while I watch from afar and offer what words of wisdom I can. Life is tough, but I believe Samantha has what it takes to conquer most of life's challenges...but if she doesn't..I'll be here to catch her! And yes, I'm sure I'll be crying through all of it.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Samantha's Prom

Another milestone in my life. My oldest, Samantha, attended her Senior prom this past Saturday night. We spent the entire day getting ready for it...manicures, pedicures, massages, hair salon and finally, the make-up professionally applied by a technician at Channel! She had a complete day of glamour. When we got home, she dashed to her room to get dressed. Tim and I waited patiently for the big charged and waiting. When she walked out I almost cried. She looked stunning...and so grown-up! What happened to my little girl with her favorite Minnie Mouse dress? Here she was standing before me, 18-years had flashed by....she's a woman now...and a beautiful one at that (I can say that..I'm her mother! ) The night was a complete success...she had an awesome time at the prom, the after party..and the 2am stop at Denny's! My little girl is all grown up! College next...I'll never be able to handle the goodbye!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On Monday, I had the pleasure of participating in the LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation) Golf Tournament at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach! The weather was perfect, the course and country club breathtaking, the participation in our charity event fabulous. Thousands was raised for the organization..overall, a picture perfect day..until 6:30pm when my youngest, Caroline, called me to say a Martin County Deputy had just stopped by the house to tell us to pack our things and be prepared for evacuation!! There were 2 raging wildfires right near our home...1 in the backyard the other across the street from our development! I told the kids to pack their things and I'd be home asap...I drove like a maniac and made it home in record time! Once we all calmed down...I assessed the situation and thought: What do I bring with me? What if the house goes up in flames? What can I live without? Where are we going with 5-dogs and 2-cats? So, after securing the dogs and cats (in a barn up the street!) and packing up the kids, I tended to my home. Here's what I took: handbag, cell phone, checkbook and ATM card, computers, proof of home owners insurance, important pictures and family memorabilia, jewelry, back IRS tax forms, other important documents, and some paintings! We all piled into the cars and headed to a friends home..thanks goodness for friends! After a sleepless night, we finally got the all clear to return to our and's fires are still burning, but fire officials say most are contained...thank goodness for small miracles....I find myself now praying more than ever for RAIN!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Susan Boyle's Big...I told you!

Britain's Got Talent" contestant Susan Boyle has made the top 5 in a list of the most watched viral videos of all-time. A web company has compiled a list called the "100 Million Views Club. Topping the list is Soulja Boy's "Crank That," which recorded 356 million hits, followed by a trailer for the vampire movie "Twilight" with 267 million clicks. In third and four places, with 230 million and 197 million views respectively, came Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" music video and a user generated video by American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham called "Achmed the Dead Terrorist." Boyle was in fifth place with 186 million views.
And despite what my radio friends say, I love Achmed the Dead's a link..check it out:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Britain's Got Talent ..Far Better Than American Idol

I really haven't been able to wrap my arms around American Idol this year. Being the skeptic I am, I think it's already been determined that Adam Lambert, the "Daughtry Wannabe," will walk away the winner. I find this year's contestants aren't as lovable as ones in the past and apparently, I am not alone. Millions of Americans seem to be more interested in the talent coming out of Britain's Got Talent. We first met, Susan Boyle, the dowdy, unemployed charity worker won every one's hearts with her spectacular rendition of a song from Les Miserables. (Now the producers behind the show are transforming Susan!...see above!) Then 12-year old Shaheen Jafargholi wowed us with his Michael Jackson impression. Now meet 10-year old Holly Steel!! Enjoy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Special Moments

Every now and then we all reflect on how life has passed by in a,"I can't believe your son is already 3-years old..where has the time gone?" As a mother, I have these frequent moments. Watching your children develop from infants to young adults sometimes seems like an eternity (especially the teenage years!), until there's a milestone...special birthday, wedding, anniversary etc... Case in point: my youngest, Caroline, recently attended her first formal affair, a friend's Bar Mitzvah. She needed a special dress, shoes, bag...the whole works. A few weeks before the event, we shopped all day searching for that perfect outfit....which wasn't easy...(a 13-year old hates shopping with her mother...she may be seen in public by a school friend! That apparently is the kiss of death to a young teenager.) At last we found the perfect dress..something elegant, yet conservative. After all, it was a religious affair, not a nightclub event. We brought it home, carefully hanging it in Caroline;s closet for the big day. And that special outfit slipped my mind until the date of the Bar Mitzvah...While she was primping in her room for her big day, I realized then that my little girl wasn't so little anymore.... she had grown into a beautiful young lady...worried about boys, make-up, what kind of jeans and shoes to my hair okay...etc, etc.. What happened to that skin-kneed, curly haired, tom boy who always brought home a frog, lizard, toad or some other crawly thing in her pocket? The little girl who climbed every thing in site, jumped in every puddle and found dirt in the rarest of place? I remembered when you were just a baby, your first words, your first steps...your first day of school. Now, here you are, a teenager, getting ready for a special occasion....When she walked out of her room, I almost cried. It was a moment that will stay with me till the day I die. She looked beautiful and so grown up! I was so proud. My baby wasn't so little anymore...where has the time gone?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Petey's Staying

A few weeks ago I told you about an opossum who had showed up one night on my back porch counter. My daughters woke me up at midnight to show me the newest creature attempting to call our home, his!! My oldest thought the opossum was disgusting, my youngest wanted to take him in her bedroom (guess which daughter is like me?) Well, now Petey has become a regular at our home. Each night we wait for his arrival...and true to form, Petey shows up around 9pm looking for that free meal. If his bowl is empty, he'll just sit patiently and wait for me to come to his rescue..and yes, he plays opossum when he's afraid! I guess we have adopted this ugly, yet loving creature. We're all working on getting Petey to be a little less afraid. Right now I can touch him without him freaking out....who knows, by next week..he may be sleeping in my daughter's bed!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle Competition

Last week on Britain's Got Talent , it was Susan Boyle. This week: Shaheen Jafargholi ..this 12-year old could be a throw-back to Motown!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle

This week, the world was introduced to Susan Boyle. A frumpy, never-been-kissed, 47-year old Scottish woman who happened to steal the hearts of everyone on Britain's Got Talent. She's an unemployed charity worker who lives with her cat, Pebbles. Now she's the biggest thing on the Internet. In just about 2-days, the You Tube video of her performance on the show was visited by more than 15-million! The woman has an incredible voice. Many are saying she's a plant for the show..that's it's fixed. I say, who cares? Susan Boyle has made all of us realize that everyone has a shot in this world....Yes, don't judge a book by its cover is the line many are using when talking about Susan Boyle....I say she gives hope to the older woman of the world who think their lives are over...who think that change can't come in one's future so late in life...Reportedly, Simon Cowell is in the process of signing Susan to a record deal and an album should be out in the future. One of the other judges on the show wants to take Miss Boyle out on an elegant date!! Susan's life has changed overnight..I say...good for Susan.....prove all the naysayers wrong....I'm on your matter what others think.... And for those who think she's a flash in the pan and it was all a she is singing the blues...this was recorded in 1999!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unique Car Buying Experience

We have all had a bad car buying experience..BUT, I doubt any of us have had this kind of experience!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Female William Hung

Remember William Hung from an earlier American Idol? America loved to make fun of him...but in the end, he got the last laugh. He survived far longer on the show than anyone ever expected and then he turned his new found fame into a number of albums. Now I want you to meet Susan Boyle. She is a contestant on Britain's version of American Idol. When she walks on stage, the audience and judges start to laugh. Her appearance makes you think the performance is going to be horrible. The audience and judges are all anticipating worst...until Susan opens her mouth and sings....Check this out, it'll brighten up your day:

Crazy Woman

I always wonder what prompts people to do crazy things! Case in point..this woman believes she can swim with the polar bears during their feeding time! Fortunately, she did not end up being the entree...yes, she survived!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Osbournes

My husband, Tim, flies for American Airlines. This month he's flying between Miami and LA...which usually means a host of celebrity sightings. The last famous people on his plane were Sandra Bullock and Jesse James and then he shuttled Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. This latest trip he ran into the Osbournes: Ozzy, Sharon Kelly. Jack was absent this trip. Tim usually doesn't bother the celebrities, but I guess this time he felt compelled to say hello to Ozzy...can you blame him? So Ozzy accommodated his wish and had a picture taken with Tim....notice the smile on my husband's face....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vicarious Life

They say you live your life vicariously through your children's lives....I never thought I would agree with that statement, but as my children get older and more accomplished, I'm starting to be that "vicarious" mother! Case in point, my oldest daughter, Samantha, can sing, dance and perform. I always wanted to be able to carry a tune, star in a play or dance my heart out at a club. But, I never had the talent to do any of the aforementioned, but my daughter..she's a pro! So I enjoy watching her perform in musicals and beaming with pride over her accomplishments... My youngest, Caroline, competes in horse shows. She's been able to master levels that I only dreamed of as a child and as an adult! This weekend, she mastered jumping 3-feet on her pony in the jumper division in Wellington. She took home five 1st place ribbons and one 2nd place.....and Grand Champion for her division. I was being with pride...To make the winning even sweeter..she competes on a pony against horses twice as large as her little "Big Bucks.! Who says the small aren't mighty? Here's a few shots of Caroline and Big Bucks in action....See why I'm so proud!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new Visitor

Okay, call me crazy..but I think our newest visitor at our home is so ugly, he's cute. Meet, Petey the opossum! My girls woke me up screaming the other night after finding Petey perched on the outside counter, enjoying the cat's food! Samantha and Caroline managed to snap this picture of the marsupial...his teeth are ridiculously sharp and long. Caroline, my youngest, wants to domesticate Petey and bring him inside to enjoy the comforts of tv and air conditioning. Sam wants to take him for a very long ride. Tim, my husband, loaded the gun when he saw, I've decided to move the cat food. Sorry Petey!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Miraculous Catch

If you don't believe in fate...then you need to check this out. Consider the circumstances that brought these 2-men to this particular spot at the same time....miraculous....


At least 4 times a week I try to get away and spend some time with the other man in my life. In this case, he's big, black, and handsome! He would be BlackJack, my 4-legged beast! So you ask, what makes horseback riding so enjoyable? It's easy...solitude. While I ride I forget about my cluttered house, the 10-thousand errands I need to run, the work I need to catch up on, the kids, thier drama and their projects, my husband's abscense (he's a pilot and flies a lot!) EVERYTHING! It's peace and quiet for at least 1-hour of a typically hectic solitude, my therapy.....I only wish the clean-up was easier!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brain on Drugs

Remember the old "Just Say No To Drugs" commercial? You know the one...this is your brain..this is your brain on drugs? Even if you don't remember it...this experiment with the Wood Spider drives that point home...hope you enjoy it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Need a Home!

Looking for a mansion? Here you go!

A homeowner has decided to raffle off his multimillion-dollar waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale. It has 6-bedrooms, 6-and a half bathrooms, a gourmet chef's kitchen, saltwater pool and a movie theater. He plans to sell 300,000 tickets at only $10 each. They'll use the money from the raffle sales to pay off their mortgage and then give any other profits to their local church. If you win, taxes Taxes on the home are about $34,000 each year plus state taxes on top of that. Want details? Log onto

Good luck! If you win, let me know...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chimp Gone WIld

In case you haven't seen the story about the attack's shocking, disturbing, tragic and very sad. A 70-year old woman in Stamford, Ct had raised 15-year old Travis since he was just a baby. He ate at the table, drank wine out of stemmed glasses, brushed his owners hair and slept with her every night. A special relationship between a widow, Sandra Herold and a wild animal, her pet. Then something went terribly wrong. Here's the story:

http://,2933,495326,00.htmlterribly .

The question now, will Herold face criminal or civil charges? The woman who was attacked, 55-year old Charla Nash has worked for Herold for many years...they were best friends and Nash has known Travis for most of his life... Herold says she's devastated and that she has nothing left. Her pet, who was more like a family member, is gone and her friend scarred for life. Nash will face years of surgeries to correct the damage to her face and body. Will she ever be the same? Inevitably, Herold will pay for the attack...both emotionally and financially. But more importantly, the story brings to light that a wild animal, regardless of how cute and cuddly he is, should never be made a pet. These animals cannot be domesticated, no matter how hard someone tries... Wild animals may be submissive for a while, adjusting to the human world, but eventually their instinctive behavior will take over and their natural wild behavior will come to the forefront. I love all animals, but these exotic animals need to remain in the wild or behind a very large wall or fence at the zoo.

Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things

Facebook strikes once again! I was sent this challenge from one of my friends (it seems to be the latest thing to do on Facebook) List 25-random things about yourself. So, here's my list:

1. I love to clean.
2. Although I'm afraid of heights, I have gone to
the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire
State Building and the Stratosphere in Vegas.
3. I would love to live in Southern Italy, part-time.
4. I love to garden
5. I dislike scary movies and gory movies.
6. I could eat chocolate-chocolate chip Hagen

Daas every day!
7. My children surprise me every day
8. I would love to be a professional equestrian
9 I wish I could play the piano
10. I want to drive a Ferrari down the Amalfi Coast
11. I wish I could spend more time with my parents
and brothers
12. I have always wanted to start a wild and exotic
animal refuge.
13. I wish I had perfect vision
14. The best things in life are free....especially being
15. My children make me laugh everyday
16. I hate frivolous lawsuits
17. I love Bones, Saving Grace, The Closer, CSI and
18. I will always stop to watch The Sound of Music
19. I have found, that as you get older, your close
friends become fewer
20. I have always wanted a pet cow
21 I need to be more organized
22. I would love to spend a day with George
23. I'm dreading the day my children leave home
24. I love to ride motorcycles
25. I always could use more sleep

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is There Rehab for Facebook?

Never let it be said that I'm the first to jump on the latest in technology. It took me 5-years to get a cell phone with a keypad and internet capabilities! Like I said, I'm slow. So recently, I decided to delve into the world of Facebook....a world I love and despise. I love it because I've been able to reconnect with friends from my childhood, high school and college. I've chatted with people who have moved to different parts of the world and across the country. I've found old friends whom I've lost touch with and I can talk about work and share ideas with friends in the radio business...It really is a fabulous tool for networking. BUT, I despise it because I'm addicted! I find myself spending every free moment on my Facebook page...adding comments, pictures and video links. I'm always looking for new applications so I can poke a friend, send them on safari, have a squirt gun fight or throw a snowball...It's taking over my life. I find myself staring blurry eyed at my page until all hours of the day, (it doesn't help when you already function on 4-5 hours of sleep!) I put off doing important things like laundry and dinner so I can spend more time chatting with an old college friend....It's my new obsession......And now the radio station has its own page, so I'm constantly checking that site to see who's new on the list...Like I said, I'm obsessed ....if you'd like to join the WRMF page, simply go to search friends and type in should find us without a problem ....and don't worry I'll be there watching and waiting for you to become our hurry up and get on it...join now......Have I mentioned that I need REHAB for Facebook!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope and Promise

History in the making...millions of us watched today as President-Elect Barrack Obama became our 44th president...a day seeped in history...Our first African-American president has inspired our nation like few before him. He has instilled hope and promise in all of us. He's urging all of us to stand up, take action and accountability and rise from the save our great nation. A nation now enveloped in an economic crisis, unemployment and war. But a nation that President Obama has vowed to save....with our help.... "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.....Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America: They will be met." I, as I'm sure many of you agree, hope that President's Obama's promises for change become a reality. It's a new beginning, a day for all of us to say, "I'm an American and I'm proud." Let's pray the future holds promise for all......

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life's Little Rewards

Okay, you can all give me grief for not being more current with my blog....As I like to say when things slip by the wayside... "Life gets in the way!" The holidays were family came to South Florida to celebrate and they all stayed at my house! I felt like Cinderella! For 8-days all I did was clean, cook, wash clothes and entertain.... but it was well worth it.... Now onto more current events...Nothing makes a woman prouder than the success of her children. For some that may mean a child gets a "B" on a test a school, he learns to ride his bike, or maybe she gets accepted into med school.....For me, both my children have always made me oldest, Samantha, is about to graduate high school and enter the collegiate world..quite exciting, yet very scary! (more on that at a later date!) But just the other night, my youngest, Caroline, finally got to see the rewards for her years of horseback riding. We attended the Palm Beach County Horseman's Association Awards banquet at Broken Sound Country Club in Boca.(nice joint!) I knew she would receive an award because she had finished with the most points in her division (Pony Jumpers)......but I never expected the size of that reward! As you can see from the picture, the trophy was almost as tall as Caroline! (she's 4-feet, 8-inches) She was delighted and smiled from ear to ear. But she wasn't the only one smiling. I was as proud as a mother could be. My little girl, after years of lessons, had finally taken home the trophy she had always dreamed of: Champion!! The smile on her face was priceless and one that will remain in the recesses of my brain for an eternity. Her trainer, TJ, has taken my little girl from a novice to a superb equestrian, and for that, I will always be grateful! (see picture of Caroline with TJ..above, right) By the way, Caroline was so excited about the award, that she actually slept with it! Today, it sits on a special shelf in her bedroom! It's a great accessory and one that will always bring fond memories when I do my least favorite chore: dusting! Thank goodness for the little rewards that life has to offer.