Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is She a He?

As a mother of 2-beautiful daughters,it pains me to see the circus surrounding the South African female runner, who's undergoing gender testing. Apparently, a female isn't suppose to run as fast as Caster Semenya runs. Her father has come out to say he knows for a fact that his daughter is all woman! But others are questioning whether Caster is really a man posing as a woman..or maybe she has too much testosterone in her system.... So now the World Athletic Association is running a gamut of tests on Caster to find out if she really is a female! The results are expected to take months. But in the meantime, a South African magazine has given Caster a complete make-over and featured her on the cover. Now, take a look at the results of that make-over:

I think the magazine has proven that Caster really is all woman!

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