Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farmville...just like crack

About 1-week ago, Danny asked me to try out Farmville as an experiment for the Jennifer and Danny Show. I figured I'd give it up for the team and embark on , what I thought at the time, was a ridiculous game. Today, I'm a Farmville addict. What started as a simple experiment has turned into an all consuming "fight till the death" farming competition. I spend each waking moment competing with my other Farmville friends trying to make my farm the biggest and baddest one! In a week, I have jumped to level 12, which I have heard is pretty impressive. It also helps that you have no life to play this game!

So why is this game so addictive? I guess you need to start with a competitive that's driven to win. That would be me...I hate to lose! Add to that a little obsessive-compulsive behavior, nerves, a short attention span and the need to constantly be busy..and Farmville creates the perfect setting for an addict!

Yes, I admit it..I'm addicted to Farmville....I obsess over finding that lost sheep or cow, building a bigger homestead, planting another hundred acres, harvesting my crops, chasing the crows away, pulling weeds, adding more animals, cultivating the best (and most expensive) crops, building more fences, acquiring more farming equipment, gaining another ribbon, adding more and more Farmville neighbors...all in that attempt to gain more cash, Farmville dollars and a bigger farm. I now have my sights set on plantation level! So if you're reading this...send me a gift, add me as a neighbor and please visit my farm.....I need that plantation!!! Help, like I said...I'm out of control!

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Grizzly Bear said...

I play both farmville and farmtown LMAO... I feel like an addict. I would set my clock to harvest my crops.. pathetic I know LOL