Monday, September 7, 2009

Doctor Oz is in the house!

Another of Oprah's disciples is headed for his own tv studio! "The Dr. Oz Show," starring the heart surgeon and health evangelist, debuts on Sept. 14. It's perhaps the most eagerly anticipated syndicated talk show since another Oprah Winfrey associate, Dr. Phil McGraw. (never understood how he became famous!)

And apparently Dr. Oz is already getting a few people healthier...his staff! Dr. Oz has banned all junk food backstage at his new talk show. Staffers snack on whole grain breads, natural peanut butter, fruits and a matter of fact, Oz has been secretly monitoring the food brought in to Jimmy Fallon's studio down the hall. Can't wait for that episode to air!

Oz has a sleek new studio at New York's 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the same room where Conan O'Brien worked before heading West. Its most fearsome element is the "truth tube," a platform that can display a person's weight, body fat and other health indicators, much like "The Biggest Loser" scale.

He expects few celebrity guests, and no Winfrey visit is on the schedule. The show will typically open with a health "hot topic" like swine flu or immunization, and will end with audience questions. In between, Oz will try different ways to make health advice personal, recognizing that lectures don't work as well as stories viewers can relate to.

Dr Oz will continue to perform surgery one day a week.

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Grizzly Bear said...

I stumbled on your blog after looking up baby rattle snakes. Going to be writing about it tonight after our crazy experience this morning finding one in the bathroom LOL... I was screaming like a maniac, my baby Kyiah was standing next to it.......oMG ... scary..

Can't wait to see Dr. Oz